When I was in Junior Hogh School, every years, I always asked by Art’s Teacher, to sing in School Art Exhibition. I always asked ti sing solo. My favorite song is “Aku Mau” and “Dealova” that featuring by ONCE. I try to fulfill of all hope from my teacher to succed the exhibition by practising everyday.
I try to find a trainer that match with typical of my voices. At last, I find a singing trainer that suit to my voice. I trained  the two song that I promise to the commite of exhibition everyday. The trainer give me the way to sing the song with my heart so that everybody can feel this song also.
When the exhibition of art begin, my parents also come to watch that event. Every class showing their performance to make the exhibition succed and make every student happy to see the performance. At the event not only performed by student of the school but also the teachers also performing their ability, so that makes it fun.
Before  time for me to perform at the stage is come, I pray to Allah …

Topics : Meet new friends (dialog)

Fathan : Hello, my name is Fathan, May I know your name please? Tata : Sure, I am Tata. I am from Yogyakarta What about you ? Fathan : I’m from Bandung. I’m a student from Senior High School 3 Bandung Tata : Realy ? i’m from Senior High School 5 Bandung. I am a transfer student Fathan :What’re you hobbies ? Tata :My hobbies is Playing football and cyclings, how about you ? Fathan :My hobbies is painting and singings Fathan : Do you like music ? Tata :Yes, i like music, how about you ? Fathan :I like music too Fathan :Have you hear about Bajigur? Tata : Yes, and i want to know more about that Fathan : Yes, Bajigur is a traditional drink typical of the Sundanese people from the area of West Java, Indonesia. The main ingredients are palm sugar and coconut milk. To add mixed enjoyment also a little ginger, salt, and vanilla powder and Drinks are serded warm. In the presentation, sometimes added with a little kolang-kaling (or so-called cangkaleng in Sundanese) that thinly sliced. Bajigur most suitab…

It's all about me FATHAN

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

On this blog I want to introduce myself. My name is Muhammad Fathan Hidayat.
I live in Jalan Cisitu Indah V Number 7 in Bandung, I was born on February 19, 2003 in Bandung. I come from SMP Negeri 7 Bandung. I do not have siblings, because I am a Single child. I have a parents. My father is named Ir. Syaeful Hidayat Ahmad and my mother named Dra. Nyi. Rd. Niasari Roedyat Martadiradja. Work my father is a Civil Goverment Employe and the work of my mother is Artist Painter.
I have a favorite food, namely fried rice, fried chicken rice serundeng, banana, chocolate and fried duck.My hobbies are painting, singing, and learning.  I love science lessons, Math, English, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Alhamdulillah, I was accepted in SMAN 3 Bandung and entered X-MIPA class 3 but, I had heart problem, so I studied in school with my parents, wherever I was always accompanied by them. Do you know why? Because people who have heart problem should always be accompa…